We offer a variety of presales from Funkos to video games to vinyls! Your card will be charged after placing the order. We do not store credit card information so we do not charge the card later, it is charged at time the order is placed.

The benefit to placing a preorder is guarantee of the product. Most presales do sell out so we suggest placing a preorder to lock it in. Price may also increase but you are locked in at the original price with a preorder!

Estimated release dates are listed but are subject to change depending on the manufacture. We try to give solid release dates and will notify if there is a large delay.

You are welcome to cancel your preorder at any time for a full refund. Please feel free to email us or give us a call!

Current Delays with Preorders are:

  • Wednesday Funko POP!
  • Benito Funko POP!
  • All Lisa Frank Loungefly Items

We expect to have these within the next month, if you'd like to cancel a preorder, you are more than welcome to!

Updated as of June 28th, 2023